First Look: TAG Heuer Formula 1 Collection INDY 500 Limited Edition

You’re either a watch person or you’re not. In my case – I am, which is why I love seeing things like this latest limited edition Formula 1 watch from TAG Heuer – the Indy 500.

Before you get angry at me, the confusion about a Formula 1 Indy 500 Watch is understandable. However, TAG owners and fans will know that Formula 1 is the name for a “collection” of watches – Formula 1 is one of several collections available.

This year, to celebrate the Indy 500 – the limited edition (1500 only) watch is a special bit of kit.

Primarily for it’s design.

But as with anything TAG the whole experience is epic. The packaging alone would impress any buyer, of their first watch, let alone just the latest in their own personal collection.

There’s even a case just for keeping your watch safe when you travel.

However, you’ll quickly be drawn to the centerpiece and it’s a beauty.

The Indianapolis Speedway Logo on the watch face, the words INDY 500 on the bezel, and the famous brickyard bricks that still lay on the main straightaway are there along the right-hand side of the watch face.

It’s a beauty.

At a mere $3,050 – it is one of only 1500 remember.

Web: TAG Heuer

First Look: TAG Heuer Formula 1 Collection INDY 500 Limited Edition
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