They call the Shoulderpod G2 “the Bold One” and bloody hell it’s Bold alright. Big, hefty and sturdy. For those using a smartphone for video production, this is a must-have.

The design looks strange at first, you struggle to get your head around it – then you realise it’s made to be held – as firmly as you might need for stable shooting.

But it’s also made to be attached to a tripod with two tripod mount points for the choice of horizontal or vertical shooting.

I think though the real benefit here are the considerations that have been given to the other items used when filming. Lights, Microphones, how do you keep them all attached.

Six cold shoes – that’s how. You wont use them all, but they are spread around the Shoulderpod G2 so no matter how your phone is attached, there’s space.

The Shoulderpod G2 is made to last too – constructed from a fibreglass reinforced composite the handle and clamps are then rubberised for a comfy hold and to prevent device scratches.

I’ve been using the Shoulderpod G2 for my Today Show live crosses, allowing a better placement of the Rode Wireless Go, but also a much more stable attachment of the phone than the smaller simpler mounting brackets.

Frankly, for just $119.95 it’s a bargain.

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