It’s September and in the tech world that means Apple news is due as rumours around the next iPhone culminate in an Event at the company’s Cupertino headquarters.

This morning, invitations went out to another Virtual Event for Apple, and as always the cryptic clue in the invitation has everyone guessing.

“Time Flies” says Apple.

Over the recent week there has been a large amount of rumours circulating that Apple would announce a new Apple Watch and new iPad at an event, perhaps separate to any upcoming iPhone announcement.

Apple Watch is – as Apple say often – the best selling Watch brand in the world, the sheer volume outstrips even the biggest and oldest names in Watches.

Originally announced in September 2014 at the same event at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch was most recently updated last year to the “Series 5”.

Metadata – the keywords used to associate content – within a YouTube preview for the Apple Event may well in part give away the Apple Watch news

Will the iPhone 12 be announced?

Keep in mind, everything I say here is speculation, everything you read online is speculation.

All we know for sure is this:

That’s the actual invitation to the event – anything else outside those words is pure speculation.

Though, it’s informed speculation based on many years of reporting and announcements from Apple.

Any “September Event” from Apple has been an iPhone announcement with every iPhone since the iPhone 5, with the 4s before that announced in the first week of October.

Production delays due to Coronavirus seem to indicate a delay to the iPhone in 2020 however it has always been assumed the announcement would still come in September, with perhaps the availability delayed into October.

Critically, there is no clear reason to believe Apple won’t announce the iPhone 12 here, the invitation is simply highlighting a single part of the announcement.

Simply put, we don’t know.

My own guess would be that we’ll get the full box and dice, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch revealed.

What time is the Apple Event in Australia?

While the invitation states the event will take place on September 15 at 10am, that’s Apple Park time.

Here in Australia, the event will take place at 3am on Wednesday September 16 and is likely to be a 2 hour event.