I’ve been using the Ledlenser Lite Wallet for a few months and while I get what it is, it’s not for me.

Let’s be clear, prior to using the Ledlenser Lite Wallet I wasn’t carrying a wallet – I’m all digital with Payments, Licence, and everything else.

Ledlenser Lite Wallet with torch on

But, I’m in the minority there. For those carrying around a wallet the Ledlenser Lite Wallet is a really elegant looking device with a bit of smarts inside.

That smarts is a 150 lumen LED torch.

Ledlenser say it has slim dimensions, but at 24mm thick, it’s bulky in my book. But again, I’ve been a thin wallet user for a long time.

Ledlenser Lite Wallet shown side on to show thickness

The thickness is all due to the battery on board to power that torch.

What’s really cool is that you can charge that Ledlenser Lite Wallet battery wirelessly on any Qi charger, or use a USB-C cable.

I was disappointed not to be able to charge my phone off the battery, that might have made it more useful.

An open Ledlenser Lite Wallet showing cards inside

Ledlenser claim the Ledlenser Lite Wallet also features an RFID blocker, but my opinion on those is simple – you don’t need them. Not only have there been no reports of “skimming” of tap and go cards, but just by having two cards in your wallet you’re protecting each of them because they conflict with each other.

Try tapping your wallet on the payment terminal to make a payment. With more than one card in it, it just won’t work.

Wireless recharging of the Ledlenser Lite Wallet battery shown

That said, this really is a great looking wallet, and it comes in a range of colours.

If you’re someone that needs a torch on the go and carry a wallet now – bingo, this is for you. The Ledlenser Lite Wallet is $99 from Ledlenser.

While it’s not for me, I can imagine the family of a tradie or someone who carries a torch all around might see this as a great gift!

Web: LedLenser