Google and luggage maker Samsonite have today announced a new pair of smart backpacks, which utilise Google’s touch sensitive Jacquard technology.

The Konnect-I Backpacks come in two styles: Slim and Standard, though they both have the same Jacquard technology built-in. 

Google introduced Jacquard in 2015, before we saw it finally launch as a touch enabled patch in a Levi’s denim jacket. More recently Google partnered with Adidas for their smart insole.

The Jacquard enabled panel in the  Konnect-I Backpacks is located on the left shoulder strap. The touch enabled fabric is connected to a Jacquard module underneath which requires charging (microUSB). 

Once the module is connected you can then use one of four gestures: Brush up/down, Double tap or Cover. Using the mobile app for Android or iOS you can assign commands to these gestures. Which commands? Google says you can ‘program Jacquard to deliver call and text notifications, trigger a selfie, control your music or prompt Google Assistant to share the latest news’. 

The backpacks themselves are fairly roomy with a heap of storage pockets, as well as  a padded laptop compartment large enough for a 15.6-inch laptop They’re made of ‘Water Repellent Fabric’ and come with a side pocket for a water bottle. 

The Konnect-I Samsonite backpacks appear to be decently sized, and being Samsonite you’ll get a good quality bag. The Konnect-I Samsonite backpacks are available to order in Australia right now on the Samsonite Australia website for $299 for the Slim, or $329 for the Standard