No app required, you just need a reasonably new model phone, and to access the Springfree website, pick a trampoline and “View in AR”.

It’s fantastic. I was blown away by how big these things are!

The way it works is really smart, it’s not an App you need to download, it’s not a feature hidden on the site – the “View in AR” option is on their main shopping website where you browse the large selection of Springfree Trampolines.

Springfree is the world’s safest trampoline, and hugely popular across the world.

Now, you can not just order from your phone, but see what it looks like in your backyard before you click the order button!

Springfree’s Danielle West says this technology helps answer the most common question from their customers “A question we frequently get asked by our customers is “Will it fit in my backyard?” or “How much space do I need?”, the AR/3D tool helps address this pain point and brings a Springfree Trampoline directly to them in the comfort of their home. Which given the current climate, is really important”

“This world-first innovation is the latest success for us, after a year where we have seen a huge spike in demand globally as parents looked for ways to keep their kids active and entertained while at home.”

These trampolines start at $999, and range from small to massive based on my few Augmented Reality tests today.

Check it out for yourself on the Springfree Website.