Despite the fact that all TV’s allow for you to plug in a simple antenna and get free TV over the air without using your internet connection there are many people who simply don’t have an antenna at home or plugged in.

Here in the EFTM office we have several TVs to keep our eyes on what’s going on, but no Antenna in the building. Then there’s people who rely on Foxtel to deliver their Free TV – as crazy as that sounds – and are unwilling to ditch it because they need the TV.

This is where streaming TV comes in, and every network does it. Via apps on your TV, smartphone and their websites you can watch TV live all the time.

9Now has added a feature which makes watching while you work a whole lot easier – Picture in Picture.

This means that rather than having to switch back to the streaming browser tab, or separate the tab and resize it – you can simply press the PiP button on the stream, and your “TV” pops into a small window in the corner.

You can drag the Live Stream anywhere onto your screen and it sits “on top” so no matter which program or website you’re on – you can still see your show.

Simple feature, but really handy for keeping an eye on the news, your favourite show or even live sport.