SIM City, Transport Tycoon, Pizza Tycoon, A-Train, you name it, if there was a simulation for it, I played it as a kid. Which is why Planet Coaster Console Edition was pushed straight into the drive of my Xbox Series X the day it arrived.

There’s something rewarding about building something, seeing people enjoy it, and learning how to make it work financially.

As always, where available, I jumped straight into Sandbox mode here – no-one’s interested in visiting a park with one Roller Coaster and two mini rides, so, I go big, or go home. But perhaps I should keep it simple.

After a first attempt, I worked out how the controls worked and what was the basic plan. Next up, I started fresh with a plan – a cross shaped set of wide pathways, leading to acres and acres of roller coasters and rides.

A flat level ground was all I wanted, but if you like, you can change the terrain like you’re playing around in SIM City.

Plonking down a coaster is easy, and it’s your job to connect a queue pathway and exit pathway to each ride.

Add some smaller rides like carousels, bumper cars or a Ferris wheel and you’ve got something for everyone – of course, there’s also the need for food and drink sales too.

And yep, Toilets.

Adding staff is like placing them down from the hand of God, though managing them is a nightmare.

I learned to create rosters to people were working in specific areas, but still, they just kept quitting on me.

No matter what I did, bang, bang, bang they were all walking out.

Perhaps I was too big too soon, needless to say, that’s both my biggest area to learn, and my biggest frustration with the game.

As was finding the rubbish bins and benches – bloody game kept telling me I needed them but damned if I could find them. (They were in the create tool – go figure).

But in reality, this is a SIM for the hard core. This allows you to tweak working hours, ride costs, staff rosters and marketing plans. It’s the all-in-one.

If I could hire a “people manager” that would make the game more enjoyable, but as it is, I just need to learn to be better.

The graphics are stunning, you can zoom down to the people level and get right into your rides, including amazing levels of customisation.

If you’re ready for some solid hours behind the controller, Planet Coaster is for you.

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