I’ve tested a bunch of Stick Vacuums, from the more affordable right up to the top end and there’s no doubt this is the style of vacuum people will own from now on – simplicity and ease of use the key – the same applies to the Roborock H6.

I was a bit shocked at how light this thing is – just 1.4kg for the body of the vacuum. In regular use, it does feel a touch cheap – but I think that’s only if you’re used to carrying the weight of something like a Dyson.

With a 420W motor on board and 150 AW (air watts) of suction power, the numbers are good. I wouldn’t say for a second it’s got the same power as a Dyson V11, or V10 – but those are in another price league.

When compared to a similar market, this thing stacks up very well.

The 3160mAh battery is rated for 90 minutes of use, or 10 minutes when you’re in max power mode.

People’s biggest mistake with these Stick Vacuums is to live in Max mode. Seriously, keep it on standard and get the whole house done – no need to pump it up unless you’ve had a spill – it didn’t fail me.

Perhaps my favourite feature is the trigger. On some vacuums it’s squeeze to run, on others it button on and button off

This Roborock H6 offers both – you choose how you want to run it.

A small simple display shows you battery power and estimated time remaining.

For those who are diligent and do vacuum daily or regularly, this is all you need.

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