Announced a few weeks ago, you – like me, might not have gotten around to activating this or driving with the kids in the car. But with School Holidays underway, this is well worth a look – Santa Mode using Waze.

When activated, you can have your car icon on the map be represented by Santa’s Sleigh – that’s cool in it of itself.

But then you can change your own Wazer mood icon to Santa – and it’s fun to see all the other Santa’s on the roads around you – that’s what people will see on the map representing you too!

Perhaps most importantly you can have Santa read your directions. His deep slow voice reads the 800m turn directions and others in a simple way.

I think his “Alert” tones are much better – when there’s a Red-Light camera, he’ll tell you that’s one of his two favourite colours:)

If there’s a speed camera ahead – the Jolly man in a red suit will remind you to be nice:)

To activate, of course you have to be using Waze for your maps and navigation. Highly recommended, it’s the best in the business.

Then just go to your profile and activate Holiday Mode. If you can’t find that, dig into your navigation settings and choose the Santa Voice and the Sleigh for your car:)