These things are just awesome. Remember the old days at the local Pizza shop, or your local arcade – with stand up games taking your coins and offering you the chance at a high score? Bring that to your home with these Arcade1Up classic retro gaming machines featuring Pacman and more!

There are three versions available to suit any use case. Each is a scaled down reproduction of the classic machines.

With three of them in the EFTM man cave, we can tell you for sure they are really well made and high quality.

Let’s start with the big boy.

The 4 foot gaming machine features several PacMan versions as well as Galaga. It looks the goods in every way and comes as a flat pack.

Building it takes about an hour of patience, but it pays off in spades.

At $999 it’s not cheap, but it’s the real centrepeice if you’re looking to highlight retro-gaming.

You’ll find them at Harvey Norman, Kogan and The Gamesmen

If that’s a bit big, or you want something a bit more nifty, the 8-in-1 PacMan comes with a bunch of games, but also can be wall mounted, or hang on the back of a door!

Again with classic joystick and button controls, this looks the goods at $499.

Also at Harvey Norman, Kogan and The Gamesmen

If space is at a premium, go “Counter-Cade” with this great little reproduction that sits on your desk with ease.

The cheapest of the three at $299, its just as much fun don’t worry!

Again, find it at, Harvey Norman and The Gamesmen