Australia may have some of the clearest skies, stunning weather and greatest lifestyle in the world. While many of us are aware of the pollution in our modern lives, very few are aware that air quality inside our homes can be up two to five times worse than outside air. These invisible particles in the air, or visible ones like smoke can cause havoc with those who have respiratory issues or allergies.

With Australians spending up to 90% of their daily lives indoors, breathing clean air while at home has never been more important. The market for Air Purifiers has boomed in recent years, and this year Samsung entered the Australian market with their range of Air Purifiers.

The idea is quite simple, find an Air Purifier to match the room or area you want to clean. It might be a single bedroom, or a set of rooms, perhaps the living area. Your choice of purifier does depend on how much air is in the space wanting purification.

For large rooms, the AX7500 and AX5500 utilise a 3-way air flow and dual power fan. The front air inflow draws in air from the front, which ensures it operates just as effectively even if it is placed against a wall. It then goes through three distinct filters to offer a multi layered purification system that is designed to capture airborne particles, harmful gases and inhibits the spread of captured bacteria.

Once running, an Air Purifier will gently suck in the air around it, filter out large particles, some gases, odours and ultra-fine dust before gently recirculating that air.  In a short space of time a good Air Purifier will clear the air in a most noticeable way.

Some will operate consistently others will sit in wait for the detection of dust or gases.

It is a remarkable change for those most vulnerable to airborne nasties.

Dust, pollen, mould spores, dust mites, bacteria, smoke, odour – you name it, a good air purifier will help clear it from the air.

Once the air in your room has passed through the HEPA filter on your Samsung Air Purifier, it is what Samsung calls “New Air”. True HEPA filter removes up to 99.97% of 0.3㎛ ultra-fine dust and inhibits the spread of captured bacteria.

Think of how we look at Water Filters to remove unwanted extras from the water in your tap; that is a similar concept for the very air you breathe.

Select models across the range are also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to monitor and control their indoor air quality from virtually anywhere, and conveniently by using the SmartThings app. With a simple touch or voice command using Bixby, users can turn the unit on or off, check the air quality and control functions. 

As summer approaches, there is never a better time to be looking at ensuring you can breathe easy around your home.

The new Air Purifier range is available from select retailers nationally and online at

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