Like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic is still here and as such there will most than likely be outbreaks at times until herd immunity is reached. Until then we look to not just ourselves but to others to keep us safe. DiDi is being proactive in this introducing new COVID-19 safety measures.

Following the latest health advice from NSW Health DiDi has implemented a new AI technology to identify and confirm that drivers are wearing a mask or “appropriate face covering” before they can go online and accept a ride. The technology uses a face detection algorithm and machine learning to focus on the presence of a mask or face covering.

Not only that but DiDi are also providing complimentary masks for riders along with the in-car partitions which were installed in September of last year. Riders are also required to wear a face mask in Greater Sydney according to the latest advice from the authorities.

DiDi have also removed cancellation fees for both riders and drivers should a trip be cancelled due to COVID-19 reasons.

DiDi Australia and New Zealand GM, Mr Lyn Ma emphasised this commitment to safety stating: “We are committed to providing a safe and reliable mobility platform for Sydneysiders through the COVID-19 crisis. The health and safety of DiDi riders and drivers is our absolute priority, and we are actively working on more ways to improve the safety and affordability of ridesharing in the city.

DiDi also have procedures for those users who need to use their service to go and get tested. This involves letting the driver know you are going to get tested for COVID-19 through the app (giving the driver the opportunity to continue or cancel the trip), wearing a mask the entire time, sitting in the back seat, sanitising hands and not touching anything unless absolutely essential and keeping your window open.

For many people services such as DiDi are the only way they can get about the city and now riders on their service can get to and from their destination in a COVID-Safe way.