The future for Kohler is clear. Amenities without the need to touch anything with your hands and in a Covid world, it seems more beneficial than ever. Kohler is a company known for making home amenities and this week at CES, they have announced a range of products.

The headline product is the Stillness Bath, a $16,000 USD square bathtub controllable from your mobile phone. The state-of-the-art amenity is modelled on the Japanese forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. The fully loaded ‘infinity experience’ model, water is filled from the bottom of the tub and overflows into a Hinoki wood moat, creating a relaxing soundscape.

The tub is surrounded by mood lighting, but it doesn’t end there, you can envelope the surface with a fog and add pleasing essential-oil aromas to ‘relax the mind, soothe the body and renew the spirit.’

The Stillness Bath is expected to be released to market sometime this year but no confirmed availability for the Australian market as yet.

Kohler have also announced the innate intelligent toilet that includes a heated seat, auto open and close feature, intuitive remote and personal bidet functionality.

Other new features have been developed with the current pandemic in mind, including a touchless toilet, which flushes with a wave of your hand and a touchless faucet. Both devices can limit the spread of bacteria and germs that normally live on the handles.

A new ‘wash-hand’ command on Kohler Konnect voice-activated faucets starts running hot water and walks users through a proper hand washing routine. ‘As we grow our leadership in smart home innovation, our products make it possible for consumers to easily enjoy the advantages of touchless and connected experiences, without adding clutter or complexity to their spaces,’ said Kohler CEO David Kohler.

The more affordable option from Kohler is the Kohler Whole Home Water Monitor powered by Phyn. Phyn is a subsidiary of well-known gadget company Belkin. Kohler will release two co-branded products with Phyn this year, the Kohler Whole Home Water Monitor Powered by Phyn and a second version with automatic shut off. The monitor is a self installed system that mounts under one sink in your home. From there, it detects water use throughout your plumbing system and notifies you if there is a leak anywhere in your home. It will also provide a detailed insight into how each fixture uses water.

The bathtub might be out of reach for many, but Kohler are developing products that are sure to be great additions to any home.

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