If hearing what’s happening on the TV can be an issue with constant fights over the volume, there may be an answer with the new Sennheiser TV Clear wireless earbuds

The buds offer multi-device connectivity using a transmitter which can accept either analogue or optical input from an audio source and transmit using low-latency streaming technology to keep the audio/video in sync. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your laptop, tablet or smartphone, with a built-in mic for making calls.  The transmitter allows others to listen to the TV at a regular volume, while you enjoy your own preferred volume and improved audio experience and an Ambient Awareness mode also lets you keep up with the conversation.

The benefit of the Sennheiser TV Clear is in the audio tuning though which is accessed through the companion TV Clear App. The buds include up to five levels of speech clarity with up to 20 dB of high frequency amplification for crystal-clear dialogue.

6.9g lightweight nature of the True Wireless earbud design is a revelation in comfort and convenience that can be worn for extra-long binge-watching sessions without interfering with your glasses or pressing on your temples. The inconspicuous wire-free design and secure fit provided by a selection of secure-fit ear tips and fins in different sizes let you move freely. Whether you want to sit back, lie down or walk around, the TV Clear earbuds will stay comfortably in place without disturbing your viewing pleasure.

Sennheiser TV Clear
Sennheiser TV Clear

The TV Clear buds weigh just 6.9g and come with a range of secure-fit ear tips and fins in different sizes for a secure, comfortable fit. You can also listen for a long time, with up to 15 hours of listening time in the buds when connected to the transmitter, with the compact charging case adding a further 22 hours of listening time for 37 hours in total.

​The Sennheiser TV Clear Set are set to launch in Australia later this year for $619.95 AUD.