Aussie company Blackmagic has taken live video switching and online broadcasting to the next level with the launch of a range of updates and new products to their streaming focused range including a new Blackmagic Atem Mini Extreme.

After launching what was a revolutionary video switching product with the Blackmagic Atem Mini and Mini Pro in just the last 18 months, the new Extreme product expands the capabilities for multi-camera productions.

Blackmagic Atem Mini Extreme

The product looks like a stretched version of the Atem Mini and Atem Mini pro from Blackmagic.

Because of that size, the key differentiator for the Extreme is the eight camera inputs.

Previously, a large live switch like that might use a far more expensive switching product, or in our case here at EFTM, daisy-chaining two Atem Mini’s together for more input sources.

There are expanded DVE capabilities for picture in picture or “boxed” support for a live side by side interviews or content display.

Blackmagic’s Atem Mini Multi-View output from the Mini Pro is expanded with the Atem Extreme, allowing for up to 16 sources to display. This is configurable in the menus, allowing for large program output to take up four of the multi-view options, or a full 16 as you choose.

There is now a headphone output for monitoring audio, as well as direct camera controls via HDMI for compatible cameras.

Atem Mini Phone Tethering

The new Atem Mini Extreme as well as the previous Mini Pro will also get a new Mobile Phone Tethering option.

This allows you to use the USB-C input to the Atem to plug in your mobile phone and set it up for mobile data tethering. In circumstances where there is no Ethernet this will allow an instant internet connection for live streaming.

ISO version of the Atem Mini Extreme

As with the Atem Mini Pro, an ISO version of the new Blackmagic Atem Mini Extreme is also launching. Not available immediately, but very soon – this unit has the same inputs as the Extreme, but with the ability to output recordings of all the inputs and the mixed output as well as a DaVinci Resolve timeline of the event onto an attached SSD Drive.

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD

For those doing regular live streams, the new Web Presenter HD allows an SDI input to be instantly live streamed while also having a small on air display window on the unit.

This could be attached to almost any mixer output and allows for an instant stream. Multiple units can be configured for different streaming options, while two USB ports allow for mobile phone tethering as per the Atem Mini’s, as well as webcam source outputs.

New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro

While I’ll leave the details to more camera nerdy people than me, the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro has a stunning big new screen, improved sensors and quality, and even in built ND filters which is quite an amazing feature.

Tell ’em the price son!

No word on Aussie prices, and we’re assuming the prices in the live announcement are USD.

The ATEM Mini Extreme will be $995, The Mini Extreme ISO will be $1,295. Blackmagic Web Presenter HD will be $495 and the new 6K PRo Pocket Cinema Camera will be $2,495.