The thing about a sound brand you might not have heard of is trust, let alone the appreciation for just how they might sound. There’s so many “rip off” brand earbuds out there you really do need to be careful.

Now you might not have heard of Grado, but trust me – they make good sound – and their first true wireless product lives up to their brand – and family – heritage.

Young Jonathan Grado is taking the business he grew up in to new levels. Having met his dad in their Brooklyn office, this is a man, and a family passionate about sound.

Grado’s humble Brooklyn Office and Manufacturing Hub

Heck, we gave their Headphones and award in 2015, that’s how much we think of them.

John Grado, The second Generation Grado, Accepting their EFTM Best Award

I still have the Grado GW100 wireless and the SR80e headphones well within reach, despite them being years old – they are amazing.

So, opening up their first true wireless product was a touch daunting.

Late to the party, one hoped it was because they wanted to ensure the sound matched the expectation of those who knew the brand for what it is.

Let me tell you, they do. These GT220 earbuds do not disappoint.

You get a sensational battery life, expect six hours out of the case, though I never got that far – just because I’ve never had earbuds in that long!

There are on-ear controls for track sipping, taking calls, and holding a finger on each ear controls volume.

Just enough to satisfy me, perhaps disappointing for others, because there’s no distinct voice control link, there’s no app to pair with and change settings or EQ – but who cares? These sound great. I suspect leaving out that functionality assists with battery life.

Put them back in the case they’ll recharge and do that over and over five times.

The case is also USB-C connected, or Qi wireless charging compatible.

Grado sound isn’t quite Neutral, but it’s not heavy on bass. I would argue their sound profile has mass appeal, clear vocals and strong depth.

Jonathan Grado says “I’m pretty excited about finally releasing the GT220”, saying “We’ve been working on these for the last two years, and I’ve been using them almost every day for the past couple months. The battery life and charging options are some my favourite parts, really happy with not having to worry about if they’re charged or not. They kind of just always are. I think my mom is tired of me telling her ‘Look mom, no wires.’ every time I walk by her with them on though.”

I love these, and would recommend them to anyone, especially if you value battery life, simplicity and want for something just a bit different to everyone else. It’s the Brooklyn way!

You’ll find them for $365 at BusiSoft AV, or we found them online at Addicted to Audio