Wednesday 17 March – mark it in your calendar if you’re looking for a big new TV that’s a whole lot more than just a Smart TV – the latest Bauhn TV packs a whole new punch with LG’s WebOS on-board.

I had to look twice when I powered this unit on, the menu setup was familiar – because LG’s WebOS is a very distinct system as opposed to say an Android TV or a very basic Smart TV that you might expect at this budget buy TV range.

This Bauhn 70 inch TV with WebOS is going to sell for just $799 at Aldi as a Special Buy on WednesdayMarch 17. It’s a big big unit, so you’re going to need a big van or ute to get this one home, as well as the help of a mate.

And it’s not just WebOS that is familiar to me, the remote control is identical to LGs own Magic Remotes, just Grey in colour. With dedicated Netflix and Amazon Prime buttons this remote operates WebOS as a Magic Remote with the point and move cursor on the screen.

The “Content Library” on WebOS shows a huge range of apps, though not as many as you will get on a more recent LG TV, and not as many as an Android TV would offer.

At a glance it lacks 7Plus, 10Play, Disney+ and Kayo (the latter not yet on any WebOS TV) – but 9Now, Stan, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many more are there.

It’s not just the apps either, the smart suggestions coming from apps are also part of WebOS. Hover over Netflix you’ll see links to your recently viewed shows, Hover over the Stan Icon and you’ll see trending content.

But for the YouTube generation, WebOS has the most to offer. Set individual YouTube channels as links on your home menu. Hover over the channel and you’ll see their latest videos.

This is a 4K screen with HDR so you’re getting a great picture through to the screen. On-screen, without another display side by side to compare to, this will impress almost anyone.

The 60Hz refresh rate is low, and for those with a keen eye you may want to spend more for a higher count, but for me, it’s a great picture hard to fault.

At worst the black levels are the biggest issue, but what exactly are you expecting at $799? Flick through the picture settings to find a mode that suits your eyes. I’ve found Cinema mode great for Netflix, with Standard Mode for general streaming.

The TV isn’t running a paired back version of WebOS either – it will also connect to the LG ThinQ app, and other compatible smart home products.

More than just a second TV or a TV for the kids playroom, this huge 70 inch Bauhn with WebOS will fit well into many loungerooms as the main TV for the family.

Impressed, hell yeah.

WebOS is one of LG’s best kept secrets, for them to let it out into the open market is a win for brands like Bauhn, but also for WebOS in the hope that more Apps will be built for the platform given it will have a larger install base.

The Bauhn 70 Inch with WebOS will go on sale March 17 at Aldi for $799

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