Oh yeah, the season is about to start, and we’ve got great news. Kayo is offering loads of Formula One for free in 2021.

Kayo is a sports streaming service, think Netflix for Sport – it’s part of the Foxtel group and as such has all the content Fox Sports has and then some!

At $25 a month, it’s actually ridiculously great value given you get all the live sport you could imagine.

While Formula One coverage has changed over the years, with Free to Air coverage of the races diminishing, the offering on Subscription TV has been stunning.

Full coverage of every session from the Sky Sports UK team means you never miss a minute.

And in 2021, Kayo is offering the three live Formula One Practice sessions free – as “Kayo Freebies“.

The whole thing is a massive tease, with ALL content showing on screen, but just the “Freebies” labelled as such for you to view.

Other content requires you to sign up to “unlock full access”.

We tested the system tonight, ahead of Practice 1 for 2021, and all that’s required is an email address and mobile number to sign up. Once you sign up, you are not required to hand over a credit card for their files, it’s not a limited trial account, it is simply a free account, with access to limited content.

That’s different to creating a Free Trial account, which will require a credit card on file, to be billed at the end of the 14 day period.

It’s worth a look. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll bloody love it.

Plus, even Freebies are accessible using Chromecast so you can watch on your big-screen TV even if it doesn’t have the Kayo app.

Sign up to Kayo now, enjoy the amazing F1 coverage of Practice over two days, and then you’ll get a sense for the quality, and performance and who knows, you might see the value in a full subscription so you can enjoy Qualifying and the Race too!

Web: Kayo Sign Up – You need to choose the LOGIN button and create an account, NOT the 14-day trial account, to ensure you get the Freebies only and not a full account in 14 days.