Looking for a Tesla Roadster? Don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars required? No worries, Matchbox has you covered with an all new Matchbox Tesla Roadster which also meets the companies desire to go green.

Made from 99% recycled Materials, the new Matchbox Tesla Roadster serves as a blueprint for how the toy company wants to acheive it’s environmental goals moving forward.

In Australia, it comes as the company launches a “Take Back” program for you to toss in all your old Matchbox Cars so they can be responsibly re-used.

Matchbox is committing to make all Matchbox Die-Cast cars, playsets and packaging with 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastics.

This Roadster is made from 62.1% recycled zinc, 1% stainless steel and 36.9% recycled plastic and will be available in 2022. They’ll get them on the play room floors before Tesla has them in show rooms I reckon.

Matchbox has also partnered with Target Australia to launch a “Take Back” box in 10 stores nationally, allowing the older Toy Cars to be cleaned, sorted and then given a whole new life through donation to the Lighthouse Foundation and Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency.

If the old cars aren’t in usable condition, they’ll be melted down and turned into recycled steel.

“Target Australia General Manager of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Tracie Walker said Target is committed to reducing the impact of our plastic products and improving customers access to recycling. The partnership with Matchbox is one Target feels particularly passionate about. We’re very proud to play a small part in paving the path to a sustainable future in partnership with some very important organisations who are working around the clock to make a difference in the lives of children who need it most,”

Photographer – Teri Weber

“Since the inception of the modern-day die-cast car nearly 70 years ago, Matchbox has been using design and innovation to connect kids with the real world around them through play,” said Roberto Stanichi, Global Head of Vehicles at Mattel.

“Matchbox is committing to using 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials to do our part in addressing the environmental issues we face today and empower the next generation of Matchbox fans to help steer us towards a sustainable future.”

If you’ve got old Matchbox Cars, you can drop them off at Target Stores in:

  • Narellan
  • Parramatta
  • Chadstone
  • Point Cook
  • Mt Gravatt
  • Maroochydore
  • Tea Tree Plaza
  • Joondalup
  • Palmerston
  • Hobart