I don’t like being a sheep when it comes to cars, where possible I’d prefer to own something that not many others have, something a bit more unique on the road – probably explains the Seat Ibiza being my first car, also explains my love for the Peugeot 508 Fastback despite a few little niggling things I’d prefer weren’t there.

This is a nice looking sedan, though it’s large hatch style rear boot makes it qualify as a “fastback” it’s really a small to mid-sized sedan, and it does that well.

What a great look from every angle – top marks to the design team for the pencil work on the Peugeot 508 Fastback.

Front end has these vertical daytime running lights, the rear end has angles that Hyundai has used as inspiration across the new i30 Sedan, in fact one Courier driver said the 508 looked like the i30 Sedan, which ironically I also have in the EFTM Garage this week.

Bottom line, love the look – 10/10!

The Tech Inside

This interior is mind blowingly different to almost everything else on the market. Let me try and take you through it.

The 10 inch touchscreen infotainment is great, works well, and is paired with these elegant metal soft touch buttons that reach out from the screen – easy access to climate control, phone etc.

That’s all pretty normal.

When it comes to entertainment, the infotainment is paired with a seriously nice FOCAL Hi-Fi system. Focal isn’t some dodgy little brand, they make some of the highest end audio systems known to man, and this car does the brand solid justice.

But when you sit in the drivers seat you’re presented with an oddly not round and slightly small steering wheel, which sits quite low. I adjusted it, but it only went lower. At its highest point, the top edge of the wheel sat covering the 12.3 inch digital instrument panel. So I put it down a bit.

Very weird sensation. The instrument cluster sits MUCH higher than normal, almost between a normal dash and a head-up display, so I get where they were thinking with this – but it takes some getting used to.

In my short week driving the car, I certainly grew used to it, and I think in ownership it would become a benefit not a detraction.

So while strange, it all works, really well.

There’s two strange things about the driver experience I have to share.

The drivers door window doesn’t go down all the way. You know like many rear door windows sit a bit out of the door when down – like that. Just maybe 2cm of glass, but it just seems a strange compromise that was made somewhere in the design and engineering phase.

Then there’s the reversing camera. Instead of four cameras around the car making up a combined 360 degree “drone” view from above, when you get in and choose reverse, the whole area around the car is cross hatched out. You need to drive forward or back for the front or rear cameras to pick up the scene around you and produce that 360 degree view.

Great for parking situations, but horrible for reversing out of a tight spot first thing in the morning.

Peugeot 508 Fastback on the road.

This car didn’t feel punchy to me, but it didn’t leave me wanting. A smooth power delivery, and power when needed, just not one for a quick squirt around the place.

In fact, I think this car feels best on a drive – not a run to the shops. So for an around town A-B, not idea, but for either a decent commute or a road trip, wow, what a smooth and refined ride.

Tell ’em the price son

At $62,000 odd, this ain’t cheap. This is BMW money. But you’re not looking for the same european car as everyone else, you’re looking for something different – the Peugeot 508 Fastback is that. Different, and good at it.

Aside from a few niggles, this is a great “stand out from the crowd” car.