From today, Spotify has announced that users will be able to enjoy easier access to podcasts and music in the Facebook app on both  iOS and Android. 

The company has announced a new miniplayer experience which will allow them to check out their tunes in the Facebook app without switching. The minisplayer is rolling out in Australia today, as well as 26 other countries including New Zealand, the US and Indonesia. 

You’ll be able to see songs from Spotify shared to your Facebook Feed by friends, family members, or favourite creators. Clicking on these shared posts will launch the miniplayer which will keep playing even as you continue to scroll through your feed though you’ll maintain control over playback and can close the player whenever you want.

Spotify says that the miniplayer experience will improve the social discovery for songs and podcast episodes. You will need to be signed in to Spotify to use the miniplayer though, so you’ll need to sign up, even for a free account if you’re not a Spotify user.

In terms of options between premium and free Spotify accounts, the company says that ‘Premium users can access full playback directly from Spotify while Free users can enjoy the same great experience via shuffle mode and accompanying ads from Spotify’.

Spotify says you’ll also be able to playback music in the miniplayer from verified artists posts, as well as ‘user uploaded videos on Facebook that contain licensed music’.