After years of waiting, and months of anticipation since the local health authority the TGA approved Apple’s ECG feature – it’s finally available with Apple’s WatchOS 7.4 available today.

As part of the release of the latest iPhone operating system iOS 14.5, your Apple Watch also gets an update with WatchOS 7.4.

Release notes for the update confirm that both Irregular Rhythm Notifications and ECG are part of today’s update.

ECG is available on Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5 and Series 6.

The setup of the Apple Watch app will then guide you through the entire capabilities of the new Watch functions

These are typical Apple info screens to help you understand the new feature:

And explain just how it works:

And importantly, give you vital usage information, basically to ensure you don’t think you can replace your doctor with an Apple Watch.

ECG Readings are then stored in the Health App on your iPhone

And a PDF of the full ECG can be downloaded or emailed to your doctor.

It’s an amazing thing, and only last week on A Current Affair we demonstrated this feature, including testing it with someone currently suffering from an AFIB reading, and the Apple Watch did detect it. Amazing stuff.

Thanks Michael and Glenn for the Screenshot assistance!