DxOMark has recently expanded their review and rankings process into displays (among other things) and to no one’s surprise Samsung has topped their rankings with the Galaxy Note21 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Today though they have released their review for the TCL 20 Pro 5G and we now have a new leader in the colour rankings.

The TCL 20 Pro 5G is TCL’s latest smartphone and includes a quad rear camera and Snapdragon 750G chipset — and is currently sitting on the EFTM review bench. So ahead of our own reviews of the TCL 20 Pro 5G (and their other latest smartphones) it is interesting to see where the “experts” rank the display in the newest offering from TCL.

The display on the TCL 20 Pro 5G is a 6.67-inch curved AMOLED display with a 1080P resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz and apparently produces the best colour in the business.

Using the gallery app DxOMark tests still image content to measure white point, gamut, uniformity, colour fidelity and blue light filter impact. The TCL 20 Pro 5G adapts its colour gamut to the content displayed on the phone, “thereby improving its colour accuracy”. Through the various tests DxOMark put the TCL through it performed well in some and exceptional in others, hences its highest rating ever for the colour section of the DxOMark display reviews.

The TCL 20 Pro 5G puts in a superlative performance for still image, color rendering, besting the previous leader by a point. With an overall score of 89, the smartphone places close to the top in our current Display rankings,” DxOMark.

There are some great displays on the smartphone market at the moment so for the TCL 20 Pro 5G to achieve this mark for colour and to end up third in overall rankings is testament to their ongoing development of their NXTvision technology.

The TCL 20 Pro 5G’s overall score of 89 places it close to the top in our current Display rankings and is indicative of significantly improved performance for color, motion, and touch over its direct predecessor, the TCL 10 Pro, which came in at 83 overall when we tested it in fall 2020.DxOMark.

Let’s face it phones are more for looking at than putting to our ear and making calls these days so for TCL to achieve a score this good with their TCL 20 Pro 5G is a big win for them. As for the rest of the phone keep an eye out for the EFTM review coming soon.