Working hard Monday to Friday means weekends are great for sitting back, doing nothing. But that can become a whole lot of same-same at times, so last weekend we got up, went to the city and had a whole lot of fun doing the Secret City Trails Sydney.

Suggested by my wife, to my surprise, I didn’t flinch at the idea. We decided to make the trip on a Sunday Morning and while we didn’t know what we were getting into, we convinced the kids it would be fun and there were no complaints.

Secret City Trails Sydney is a website built as part of the City Revitalisation Innovation Challenge which was supported by Transport for NSW to encourage people back into what is a pretty quiet City these days without the International Tourists.

So, grab your Opal card and get into the city – trust me.

There are five different “tours” you can choose from, three of them take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, we chose one of the two which are less than an hour.

Starting at Wynyard Park above the train station, we opened the website, put in our details and within a moment we had a riddle to solve.

These riddles aren’t HSC level, but they will make you think.

Solve a riddle, choose the answer from a set of multiple choice options and you’ll get a bit of information about the area, the significance or something like that.

Next riddle, and you’re off on another adventure.

We challenged each others answers, worked together to choose the one we wanted and we make it place to place.

When it was all over, we got a virtual pat on the back and a voucher at a local cafe.

We then spent $100 on Lunch, because hey – we’re in the city – why not!

Honestly, it was awesome – we’ll be back to do another one, this time we’ll choose a longer one, and split it up with Lunch.

Get on it folks, Explore Sydney’s Secret City Trails at: