Paddle shifters are most at home in a sports car, and while they’re often found in more simple everyday cars, seeing them in a commercial van seemed strange to me, but that’s what we have in the Peugeot Expert.

At just a clip under $47,000 drive-away it seems like a hell of a lot of money for a large amount of empty space doesn’t it? But the Peugeot Expert is a bit more than that. First of all the design stands out, a fresh modern take on a boring white box.

The bold Peugeot styling is what helps make the Expert stand out a bit.

In back there’s 5.8 cubic meters of space, a touch over 2.5m in cargo length. Your cargo can weigh up to 1,300kg.

Powered by a 2.0L Diesel, this isn’t a punchy Peugeot sports car – but it’s actually quite a smooth power delivery, with a little punch in it’s own style.

Why the hell it has paddle shifters I don’t know. The gear selection dial is a strange choice, with that whole gear area sticking out to obstruct the legs of the third person sitting in the middle seat. A gear lever on the steering column would be a smarter move.

Besides that, I’m a touch concerned that the best option for a cup-holder for the driver is up on the dashboard near the A-Pillar. If I was a delivery driver on the road all day I’d want the best and most convenient spot for a bottle of water.

Making up for that is a load of nooks and crannies for your bits and bobs, and the whole dashboard layout is a great look, design and while it’s a hard plastic it looks the goods, feels a bit more premium than you might expect.

The 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system is small by 2021 standards, but with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto it is certainly all you’ll need.

For some reason Peugeot have this 2 camera approach to 360 degree cameras – as I’ve mentioned before, and it’s high quality, but useless until you’ve moved the length of car.

The Peugeot Expert is probably $4,000 more than a Toyota Hiace, and that’s one hell of a popular van – like with pretty much all other vehicle categories, they will always dominate for reasons no greater than brand awareness and loyalty.

For my mind, if you’re actually in the market for a Van – you’re mad not to take vehicles like the Expert out for a run.