A machine to air, dry, sanitise your clothes? Massive overkill I hear you say. Well, you don’t even know the price yet! It’s $2797 – so now you’re just off on a rant about how ridiculous that is. If so, click away, this isn’t for you. But if you’re a businessman who takes his shirts and suits to the drycleaner – the Samsung Airdresser will blow your mind!

In my own head I couldn’t imagine justifying the price, but then I used it for two and a half months, and I’m sold.

Now the words used even by Samsung to market this appliance aren’t really clear. It’s not for cleaning, it’s not a dry cleaner, it’s more about refreshing your clothes.

Given the vagaries of the actual terms like “refresh” or “santitise” I just set out to experiment with how I use it.

Full disclosure, I’m lazy, and for years I’ve been happy to spend cold hard cash on getting my shirts and suits dry-cleaned.

Over the last two months, I’ve tried a couple of things, Firstly, putting shirts from my own back into the Samsung Airdresser and running them through a normal cycle. This refreshed them, took away odors, and made them look 100% ready to wear.

But after a solid long day in a business shirt, they do need a wash. So what I’ve ended up with is a new routine. Instead of a basket for drycleaning, I now have a basket for my shirts, and when needed I wash my shirts on a quick simple cycle in the washing machine, then take them to the Samsung Airdresser and put them on a Drying cycle. This takes a little over an hour, and leaves the shirts ready to wear.

Do they need ironing? No. Would you wear them to a wedding as a groom or would you Iron them – you’d iron them.

They come out, having been washed, and Airdressed, ready to wear – and the front of a shirt to my eye looks like a Shirt does after just an hour of wear.

For my suits, something I didn’t get drycleaned weekly anyway, I now put on a full Sanitise cycle in the Samsung Airdresser which leaves them fresh as new.

The Sanitise cycle puts them through a deep steam, then jet dry – it’s amazing.

And that’s just my weekly wardrobe. Put your doona or blankets in there, jackets of any kind whatever you like,

Add individual items from your wardrobe to the Smart Things app including what fabric they are made of, and you’ll get custom cycles just for those items.

Financially, it sounds crazy, but just one suit a month, and three shirts a week at the drycleaner and this Samsung Airdresser is paid for in three years. Add up all those other jackets you’re taking there and its even faster.

Most importantly, it’s all happening in my house. No more forgetting to drop my shirts at the drycleaner, no more forgetting to pick them up or not getting them done in time.

An absolute game-changer for me, and I’ve no doubt the same for anyone who is a regular at the drycleaner, or who has a healthy wardrobe of jackets and suits.

It’s a bit tall for my walk-in-wardrobe, so will probably find a home in the Laundry for us, but otherwise, it’s fully self contained, just needs power.

There’s a removable container for filling water, and a similar container for waste water after those steam cycles. Easy to fill and empty respectively.

So very different, but likely to be so very normal in the years ahead as this technology gets more affordable no doubt.

Web: Harvey Norman