Wow, in an instant the bubble faced and hugely successful Kia Sportage looks dated and old as the 2021 model is revealed carrying the outstanding new styling the Kia is rolling out across its model range.

While the Kia Carnival got a bold new – very American look – the Kia Sportage looks like it’s taken what Toyota tried to do with the Rav4 and Kluger and do it better.

It’s an angular look with Kia family styling, a concave rear bootline and just lines for days in every direction – in a good way.

Of course, we don’t have pricing or availability for Australia yet, but the company locally is saying Q4 so – buy Christmas.

It will come here in three engine choices, the 2.0-litre MPI (117kW / 191 Nm), 1.6-litre TGDI (132kW / 265Nm) and the R2.0-litre diesel (137kW / 417Nm).

Inside, it’s another all-new look. And again – modern, high end styling, this will be a huge hit with families.

Kia’s only real problem here is Supply. They’re struggling to meet orders on the Kia Seltos with wait times of well in excess of six months, so one only hopes they can meet the demand that will come as the all-new Sportage really challenges the market and sets Kia up for a pretty big 2022.