You’re reading this for one of two reasons. Firstly, you’re a loyal reader and interested in all the tech and gadgets in the world. Or, you’ve come across this as part of researching the devices and gadgets you need to help and support someone in your life who has been diagnosed with and suffering from Dementia.

Some perspective for those of us who don’t realise – Demential is the second leading cause of death among Australians.

There are 472,000 Aussies living with demential, and that number continues to grow. Between 250 and 318 people per day are diagnosed with Dementia.

A gadget can’t cure Dementia, however there is technology available to help those living with the disease.

Here’s a simple one. The Robin Day Clock. Call it a dementia clock if you wish, but it’s made for the elderly specifically. A big 8 inch display, with customisable clock formats which highlight the time, the date, day of the week all on one screen.

Perhaps more importantly the Robin Day Clock also talks. The press of a button on top of the clock and the voice tells you the time and day.

Alarms can be set, or even reminders so if you wanted to, you could set reminders for regular appointments right on the clock.

It’s remarkably simple, yet perfectly complex in what it can do. You can desk mount or wall mount the Robin Day Clock, it only requires power and doesn’t rely on any form of internet connectivity.

And it’s just $149. Simple really. The team at Home Life Tech have stock in Australia that meets Aussie safety standards, and will look after you personally.

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