So you’ve spent $599 to upgrade your racing rig with the authentic Ferrari F1 wheel just released by Thrustmaster, but you want to get it all working with your Xbox version of F1 2020? We’ve got you covered.

The SF1000 wheel is a like for like replica of what Ferrari drivers used in 2020 and with its Carbon Fibre trimmings and working switches, it’s a dream – plus it just looks great.

For those slumming it with an Xbox paired with this wheel, you won’t get the total experience. Not every dial and switch is customisable in the same way that it can be on a PC. however, the thumb dials and button locations alone make it a better driving experience, despite the lack of customisation.

What matters most to owners of the Thrustmaster SF1000 is the LCD Screen. You want your timing, gears and car data showing on screen!

Out of the box, you get none of that. You will see the Thrustmaster and Ferrari logos in rotation.

So here’s how to get the real-time race-car data showing on your Thrustmaster SF1000 wheel with Xbox.

Software Update

Grab the latest software from Thrustmaster and remove the paddle shifters from your wheel to expose the USB-C connection.

Plug the Wheel into your PC, and run the software update.

Once done, you’ll need to unplug and re-attach to confirm, and you’re good to go.

WiFi Connection

  • Connect your Phone to the Wheel’s WiFi
    • Firstly, the MOST IMPORTANT switch on this wheel is the dial to the left of the large Ferrari Logo dial. This one – when you PRESS in on it, switches on the MENU for the Wheel. Press this, and use the left thumb pad to navigate to the WiFi settings, make sure WiFi is on. Find the Wifi network name, then use your smartphone to connect to the wheel’s own WiFi network.
  • Configure the Wheel to connect to your WiFi
    • Next, on your phone, you will be sent to the Thrustmaster configuration page, here choose the Settings Cog and look for your home WiFi network, and enter the password.
  • Find the wheel IP Address
    • On that WiFi menu on the wheel itself, you will now see your home network name, and an IP Address (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) – Likely 192.168.1.XX.
    • Write that IP address down – it’s critical.

UDP Ready

While still in the Wheel’s menu, navigate down on the left, to the F1 Car and the WiFi symbol. On the right of screen will be two options, navigate over to them, and choose “Codemasters F1 2019, 2020”

Then press the Dial to return to the Ferrari/Thrustmaster logo and turn your attention to the XBox.

Configure Telemetry on F1 2020

This is the critical step.

To understand what’s happening here, consider this. Your new wheel is now connected to your WiFi network and by turning on the UDP setting, it is “waiting” or “listening” for real-time car data.

Now, we need to configure the Xbox to SEND that data to the wheel.

On the Main Menu of F1 2020 choose Game Options.

Next choose Settings

Inside settings choose Telemetry settings, turn UDP Telemetry ON, and UDP Broadcast OFF.

Enter your WHEEL IP address into the UDP IP Address setting and you’re good to go.

Race time!

Next step is to save that, go back, hit a Solo Mode, get into a time-trial and race out onto the track to see if all that worked! As soon as YOU get control of the car you should be seeing real-time graphics on your Wheel LCD.

A couple of important dials for you when you are out on track.

The dial to the LEFT of the centre dial when PRESSED will take you into the Wheel menu, so don’t press it – only turn it.

When you TURN it you will see several different possible screen configurations. There are three designed for F1, and a fourth that is raw data.

The dial to the right of the centre Ferrari dial will switch between sub-options for each of those screens. Also, when PRESSED that one will switch to a white background, or alternate view where available.

Have fun, happy racing!