The list of fitness trackers with ECG support is growing, first with Apple, then Samsung and now Fitbit gaining certification for use in Australia.

The Fitbit ECG support begins from today on the Fitbit Sense smartwatch after receiving certification from the TGA it’s now on the Australian Register of Theraputic Goods (ARTG). Fitbit will also be including ECG support on the upcoming Fitbit Charge 5 which launches globally at the end of September.

Electrocardiograpy, or ECG is a way of measuring your heart’s electrical signals to check for different heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib). AFib is an electrical problem in the heart which increases the risk of serious heart conditions like stroke. In Australia, there were over 72,000 hospitalisations with AFib in 2018 alone says Fitbit. While the ECG app can’t diagnose AFib on its own, the results can help when talking with your doctor. 

Fitbit also notes the benefits of tracking ECG saying their ‘ECG App will help to empower patients to take control of their healthcare journey by enabling Aussies to assess and monitor their heart rhythm and heart health by measuring and recording the electrical activity of their heart via their Fitbit device.

Anyone using the Fitbit ECG app on their Sense or upcoming Charge 5 will be able to share data with their doctor making it easier to detect, and then treat any conditions. 

Fitbit Sense owners can download the ECG app on their smartwatch from today, while anyone wanting to check it out on the new Fitbit Charge 5 can pre-order the tracker from today with shipping starting in late September, with Fitbit advising ECG support will be available for it, soon.