Aussies speak different to others with many of our words some form of slang — so much so that we don’t realise it most of the time. Now Amazon Alexa has been updated to understand some of Australia’s most popular words and phrases and be able to respond to them accordingly.

Amazon has added over 100 Aussie phrases to Alexa’s vocabulary and includes some phrases you would not expect such as “bucket down” to get a weather check and “sparrows fart” when you need to set an early morning alarm (and my wife is always telling me that’s not a thing! Alexa fact check).  

Amazon did their research before adding the Aussie slang to Alexa, finding out that “Yeah/nah” (38%) “Mozzie,” (32%) and “Barbie,” (28%) we some of our most popular slang and nearly a quarter of us having used Aussie slang in professional settings with even 14% using it in their wedding vows or proposal.

  • Alexa, tell me something Aussie
  • Alexa, play an absolute banger
  • Alexa, day for it!
  • Alexa, wake me up at sparrows fart?
  • Alexa, do you like savvy b?
  • Alexa, find a chicken parmi recipe
  • Alexa, is this look cheugy?
  • Alexa, should I chuck a sickie?

Dr. Amanda Laugesen, an expert on the Australian English vocabulary, explains the interesting reason these particular words have won Aussie hearts: “Australian English has so many distinctive features, yet it’s telling that our favourite sayings are things like “Yeah/Nah” and “Give it a crack”. Words aren’t just a way of communicating, they’re a form of self-expression and phrases like these, and our tendency to shorten words, reflect the laid-back attitude we pride ourselves on. “Yeah/Nah” is a great example of this; we’re disagreeing but in a way that doesn’t invite conflict. Aussie English definitely has that distinctively relaxed and informal quality, and that’s part of the reason why we all love it so much.”

So from today you can now speak to your Echo smart speaker, Echo Show displays, FireTV devices or via the Alexa app you’ll be able to use some of your usual vernacular. If you have an Alexa-enabled device near you why not give it a burl?