About a year ago Fetch announced a new platform for apps on their set-top boxes, and while it was very inside baseball, the fruits of that announcement are starting to show with a range of new apps about to launch on Fetch thanks to their partnership withi the Metrological App library.

Metrological is a Comcast company, and their cloud based app platform means that App providers can more quickly provide apps to the Fetch box as part of a global app launch.

Put simply, instead of building an app for Fetch, and one for a box in the USA, and one for a box in another country, Metrological builds the application platform and Fetch is able to interface with it so apps can push out faster than ever.

Next month, the first apps coming from that library will launch on Fetch, and they include Acorn TV, iWonder, Vevo and Vimeo, as well as Kidoodle, the Weather Network and an all new rebuilt Hayu app.

These new apps will appear to uses just like any other alongside the native apps on your Fetch box like Netflix, Stan, Amazong etc.

Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV, said “The launch of the Metrological Application Platform will open up a new world of content to Fetch subscribers and provide an easy way to access the things they love to watch, all in one place.  This latest innovation is another demonstration of the commitment Fetch has to providing a world class aggregation platform, offering value not previously seen in the Australian market.” 

Jeroen Ghijsen, CEO of Metrological, said: “We are proud to continue our work with Fetch to provide subscribers with a seamless and unified viewing experience, and even more of the world-class content they crave. Now more than ever, consumers want access to long tail OTT apps, as well as niche and localized content behind one remote, and with the most compelling user experiences in real-time.”

Universal search for these new apps will come after a broader Fetch OS update later this year.

All the new apps are available on Fetch mini, Fetch Mini 4K and Fetch Mighty boxes.