One of the better looking Electric Car brands coming is Polestar and their first all-electric model for Australia is the Polestar 2 which will hit Australia in January.

Importantly, the pricing announced by Polestar looks sharp, with the fastback Polestar 2 starting at $59,900 in standard range single motor configuration, and $64,900 for the long range single motor.

This pricing means both are eligible for the $3,000 rebate on EVs in NSW and Victoria.

For those looking for the longer range dual motor variant, the $69,900 price tag is just as appealing.

Frankly, the Polestar 2 is priced right alongside the Tesla Model 3 and it’s smart because there’s run of the mill EV cars priced above the Model 3, where the Polestar has the look the features and now the price tag to challenge Tesla.

In addition to the price, the Polestar comes with a 5-year manufacturers warranty and 5-year service plan.

Samantha Johnson, Head of Polestar Australia said “We are delighted to be able to offer Australian customers such a compelling ownership proposition with our first foray into the Australian market. True to the Polestar brand identity, our aim is to offer a premium, all-electric solution at an attainable level for a great proportion of Australian motorists.

“We know that consumers in our market are very receptive to new technology and have a desire for a high-quality product with superb attention to detail and an engaging drive. We are confident that the Polestar brand experience will hit the right note with Australian EV enthusiasts, and we anticipate that the Polestar 2 with its compelling ownership proposition will attract many more Australians to all-electric mobility.”

Can’t wait to test the Polestar 2 out soon!