Arlo’s range of smart home security cameras has grown up so fast. I can remember the days when we had to buy batteries from Bunnings at a high price and pairing the cameras wasn’t a breeze for the uninitiated. But we accepted that because these fully wireless cameras were a revolution. The latest Arlo Pro camera is the Arlo Pro 4 and it offers 2K video resolution, but most importantly can work direct to WiFi.

Now I have to say, I’m not testing this direct to WiFi, because I am deep, like 12 cameras at home and four in the office deep in the Arlo ecosystem. When you’re on a good thing, stick to it I say.

My Arlo Pro 4 was paired to my existing Arlo Hub – a device that’s still available in packs for the Arlo Pro 3 or Ultra cameras, and does offer one thing many people ask for and that’s local storage. Throw a memory card or USB storage in and you’ve got all the local storage you want.

Personally, I’ve used that, and it’s great, but cloud storage is where it’s at these days for these kinds of cameras, because you can browse and view the clips wherever you are on your mobile phone.

I believe the $4.49 per camera or $14.99 unlimited cameras cost of Arlo Secure is a worthy subscription for any household. Offering 30 days cloud storage, interactive alert notifications, activity zones so you only get alerts for areas of the video that matter (like the driveway not the road), and object detection.

That Object detection is a game changer for narrowing down your notifications to the ones that matter vs being overwhelmed, something I hear a lot from people.

Take this example in my home:

That’s me walking out to my car at 3.47am, and driving away at 3.48am. An hour or so earlier a cat (bottom centre of screen) walks by and is noted as an “Animal”

Why is this important – because I do NOT want to get an alert on my mobile phone when some neighbours cat wanders around my home.

But, if a car in my driveway moves – I certainly want to know about it.

So with Arlo Secure, on the Arlo Pro 4 camera, I can get alerts on my phone when a car or person is seen, not just when the tree blows in the wind. It’s a critical point of difference to many cameras on the market.

And yes, my camera is pointing AT my house. Weird, but a great example of the truely wireless capabilities of the Arlo cameras. It’s within WiFi range (got my Netgear Orbi pumping across the whole home, neighbours probably wish they could hook in), and streams live to my phone and uses just battery power.

I’ve put the Pro 4 into the larger housing and large battery that is available from Arlo as an optional accessory. Mainly because this one is high up and harder to reach. If I wanted to really push the limits, I’d throw a solar panel on there too and never have to touch it. Easy!

Arlo Pro 4 offers 2K video, if you want 4K you need to go for the Ultra range of cameras. But I find honestly that I’m looking less at the “detail” and more at the action that is captured.

Put the Arlo Pro 4 at the door and you’ll get the ability to receive notifications of those Christmas Shopping deliveries with package detection if you’re signed up to Arlo Secure. Like at my front door:

The Arlo Pro 4 isn’t a huge leap ahead of the previous Arlo Pro 3, other than it’s direct to WiFi capabilities, so existing Pro 3 owners don’t need to be looking over their shoulders.

Like all Arlo Cameras, the Arlo Pro 4 is weatherproof, so can be a full outdoor camera – ours is certainly that. Though in the worst of rain, you might need to wait for some drips to dry before you get full vision back.

A single Arlo Pro 4 camera will set you back $369, or you can go all in on a 4 camera pack for $1200.

Right now, there’s a cracking deal going with a redemption cash back offer, $200 off the four pack and $20 off the single. Or meet half way, get the two pack for $599 after redemption.

If you’ve never had a home security camera, this is the one to get to get you going. A single camera will introduce you to the world of “what’s at my door” or “who’s out the back” and you’ll be hooked.

Find Arlo at major retailers, or online at Arlo