Quietly announced with a ‘coming soon’ label alongside the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro last month, the Pixel Stand 2 Wireless Charger is now available for pre-order.

Made from 39% recycled materials which includes TPU and Polycarbonate, the Pixel Stand 2 can be pre-ordered for $119 on the Australian Google Store from today with free delivery. Pre-orders are showing as shipping out around mid-December. 

Designed for Pixel phones the Pixel Stand 2 offers 21W wireless charging for the Pixel 6, while the Pixel 6 Pro can charge slightly faster at 23W. You can charge other devices on it, though other Qi-certified devices can only charge at up to 15W.

The higher charging speeds could possibly generate more heat, and to offset this Google has built a fan into the unit for active cooling. 

In addition to wireless charging, the Pixel Stand also activates a ‘Stand UI’ on Pixel phones, offering you easy access to your Nest Devices, and also any other smart home devices on your network.

At this stage there’s no sign of the Pixel Stand 2 at JB Hifi, Harvey Norman or Officeworks, but we’re a little way out so you may find them in-stock closer to their launch date. We’ve got a Pixel Stand 2 on order and we’ll share thoughts on it as soon as it hits.