A lot of hype still around about the viral “Plant a Tree for your pet photo” post that’s been fuelling a huge number of instagram story posts in the last day or so. But, was there ever any reality to it? And what should you REALLY do if you want some trees planted!

Lots of research was done yesterday to finally uncover the repoted originator of the “Plant a Tree for Pet Pics” as an instagram account as “Plant a Tree Co”

Sounds legit.

Sure, here’s how they explain the viral post and why it wasn’t attributed to them:

Sounds legit, and probably is.

But mate, seriously, calling out Instagram for wanting “credit” when it was them that deleted the post? Come on.

So yeah, I checked out their website yesterday. They sell necklaces, with proceeds going toward planting trees.

Very noble.

How many trees have they planted? An organisation that is purely named around planting trees?


Yep, six thousand five hundred.

Now four million or more people have said “we should plant a tree” and this mob aren’t close to doing it.

And of course there’s a fundraiser for them to meet that goal.

Can I give you some advice, do not give them a cent.

How you can do your bit.

This is in NSW, but I’m sure other states have similar initiatives. Here, the Department of Planning, Industry has a goal to get 1 million trees planted in NSW in a year.

Group Deputy Secretary of Place, Design and Public Spaces, Alex O’Mara, said the Everyone Plant One campaign is about everyone contributing to the greater good of the environment “We’re already more than halfway to achieving this ambitious goal, with more than 600,000 trees already in the ground and around 266,000 ready for planting,” Ms O’Mara said.

“We are now calling on Sydneysiders to pick up a shovel and help us reach the  finish   line by planting a tree and registering it in support of the campaign.

We know you want to help – we’ve all seen your puppy photos. So you’re willing to post a photo, be willing to put a tree in the ground!

“Trees make a huge difference to the environment and our lives. They provide shade, privacy, homes for wildlife and help to cool our communities. They also have immense benefits for our health and wellbeing, let alone adding beauty to a home.

“By taking part in EveryonePlantOneand contributing to this great initiative, you are helping to build a greener future and cooler suburbs for people to enjoy for years to come.”

Find out more and register your planted tree here

See, you can do your bit.