Gone is the iconic wedge shaped MacBook Air, today Apple welcomed a new MacBook Air to their lineup with an all-new design in four different colours, and under the hood is an all-new Apple Silicon, the new M2.

At 11.3mm thin, and weighing in at 1.2kg the new design is like a shrunk down MacBook Pro, squared off all round though with rounded edges.

The new 2022 MacBook Air will come in four colours, Silver, Space Grey, Starlight and Midnight.

It will be charged via MagSafe with two thunderbolt ports on that same side, and an audio jack on the other.

Apple’s new Silicon, the second generation M2 processor is basically faster and more power efficient than the M1.

25% more transistors, using a 2nd gen 5nm architecture, it has 50% more bandwidth than the M1. Overall 18% greater performance, and benchmarked against 10 and 12 core laptops from other brands, Apple is basically continuing to push their performance to power ratio – making laptops with the M2 able to be thinner, quieter because it requires less cooling as it’s far more power efficient.

Apple’s new M2 processor will also be available in a new version of the 13 inch MacBook Pro.