The simple lapel mic, or as RØDE like to so formally call it, the lavalier, it’s meant to be a simple small mic attached to your clothes to give you a great audio experience in videos or live broadcasts. Not much to it though is there. But, they’ve hit the ground running with a new generation Rode Lavalier II.

A lav mic is an important part of a videographer’s toolkit – clip it on the talent, hook up to the camera either direct or wirelessly and you’ve got a professional look, and a great sound.

I use one on every video I make, and for every live TV cross.

The new Lavalier II features a new premium design, which is lower profile – it looks flatter and I think that’s a strangely good thing.

The omnidirectional polar pattern means it’s a bit more forgiving in terms of placement – picking up more in more directions, which – could make it better in some circumstances and a bit less so in others.

I can imagine in a two person conversation this might mean better pickup of the second person if you only had one mic.

But – we’ll see in testing.

The clip looks way different, and if it is as it appears, allowing the lav itself to be clipped out and perhaps turned upside down it will make shifting from left to right placement a dream.

No word on pricing, but your audio/video specialists will have that within hours!