5G was meant to solve all of our problems, especially those having NBN issues. Now it seems that a possible solution is finally here in the form of Telstra’s new 5G Home & Business Internet service.

The new 5G home and business service is set to create a new standard in home internet with typical evening download speeds ranging between 50Mbps and 600Mbps resulting an average speed of 378Mbps. These speeds were recorded during the usual peak busy times of between 7pm and 11pm.

The new service is available for households and businesses with the speeds capable of keeping everyone in the house or business streaming and working at high speed. To hook up is simple with the new modem a basic plug and play experience.

Of course to take advantage of the new 5G home and business service you will have to have 5G reception at your location but with over 75% of the Australian population covered by Telstra’s 5G network much of Australia can be served. Telstra’s aim is to have 95% of Australia’s entire population covered by FY25 with even more metro cells being rolled out in the meantime for increased density for greater capacity and speed.

Our goal is to always offer the right internet connection to deliver the best experience for customers based on their data needs, location, and what technology is available. To ensure 5G Home & Business Internet is right for you, we have our Service Qualification tool that verifies eligibility based on your address and we look forward to adding more addresses as our coverage expands.  

There is some fine print involved with the 5G Home & Business Internet only available in select areas and eligible customers only with a limit to the number of services available per post code so get in quick if you are interested. You can check your address for 5G Home Internet or 5G Business Internet over at the Telstra website.

Telstra has also decided to keep it simple with just a single Telstra 5G Home & Business Internet plan on offer — 1TB (1000GB) of data for $85 per month, with your first month free.  There are no lock in contracts so if you decide you don’t like it just return the modem to Telstra without any exit fees.