Oh well this is surely controversial among my motoring peers. Many are awarding the Hyundai Ioniq 5 more than just a best Electric Car, but Best Car.

I disagree. I don’t disagree the Hyundai is a great car, innovative in many ways. But it’s just so damn expensive. People are buying it in droves – well, the few hundred being sold here anyway, but that for me is about being unique – driving something that LOOKS special, and standing out.

I’d prefer to look at the overall value proposition. The Polestar 2 is impressive. Good range, great interior, great performance and outstanding price.

A genuine Tesla Model 3 competitor. That’s what matters.

I’d love to see plenty of these on the road – they’re a great car – and surely just the start of something big for Polestar.

Easily for me, the EFTM Best Electric Car award goes to the Polestar 2.