latest instalment of the Spider-Man movies was released in December of last year and fast became 2021’s highest grossing film worldwide. It’s not just the movie that Australian’s seem to love and not be able to get enough of — it’s anything at all to do with Spider-Man. The latest to hit our cinemas, Spider-Man: No Way Home has inspired Australians to look further than just the big screen to get their Spider-Man fix.

EBay has noticed this change with a significant increase in the sale of Spider-Man material. Spider-Man comic book sales on eBay increased by a massive 160% while Spider-Man DVDs and Blu-Ray sales were up 98%. Spider-Man games were also popular with their sales increasing 101%.

Of course, there is no hero without a villain and Aussies are flocking to the villains with an increase in the purchase of items related to Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro and Sandman popular amongst fans. Electro though took the cake with an increase in sales by a whopping 244%.

Villain comic books were a hit as well with Sandman comics sales increasing by 304% and Doctor Octopus by 244%. Action figures are always popular, but Australians were all over the villains here as well with Doctor Octopus sales increasing by 338%, Green Goblin b7 264% and Electro by 254%.

Sometimes it is difficult to find old comic books and other Marvel character paraphernalia and thus more people are turning to eBay for these purchases to get not just new material but also older and rare purchases.

One thing for sure, it is difficult to go past eBay for many purchases these days — especially for that harder to find item you are looking for.