The electric car market is slowly getting crowded and there are new players coming our way. Australia might be behind the times in terms of adoption rates, but we are on the radar according to one new startup in the space.

Fisker is an all-new brand, launching an all-electric Family SUV soon, with production due to commence in November this year.

While the US and Europe look set to be the launch markets, Fisker’s Senior Vice President of Communications Simon Sproule told EFTM the cars are being built ready for Australia with “right hand drive engineered from the get go, so It will be left and right had drive from the start because we’re selling in the UK from 2023”.

Mr Sproule went on to say the company’s “intentions are to bring it to Australia in due course”.

Of course that’s about meeting our Design regulations and also as he told me, building up the sales and service infrastructure.

Pricing on the Fisker Ocean is aggressive, starting at $37500 in the US going up to $68000, and this is a mid sized SUV, certainly not small from my quick look.

Fisker have a big Goliath to take care of if they want to make a dent, with Sproule telling EFTM the “Great looking” design of the car and the “aggressive pricing” were unique selling points over the Tesla. He said “for people that are looking at an electric car for the first time this looks like a “normal car” – its not a science experiment,”

The base model has a 400km range, and that goes up to the mid 500km range.

This car, “the ocean” (not the Fragrance from Seinfeld) – is, according to Simon Sproule “just the start of the Fisker brand worldwide”

We certainly loved the look of it at CES, and look forward to seeing them down-under.

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