We’ve all had that movie we were trying to watch where the special effects were so loud that the dialogue was difficult to hear but now Prime Video will allow you to select your own dialogue volume levels on any device.

Prime Video has today started rolling out the new accessibility feature called Dialogue Boost on select Amazon Originals. It allows the user to increase the dialogue volume relative to the background music and special effects. this, as you can imagine, gives a much more comfortable viewing experience to users who find the background noise overwhelms the dialogue in shows on Prime Video.

“At Prime Video, we are committed to building an inclusive, equitable, and enjoyable streaming experience for all our customers,” said Raf Soltanovich, VP of Technology at Prime Video and Amazon Studios. “Our library of captioned and audio described content continues to grow, and by leveraging our technological capabilities to create industry-first innovations like Dialogue Boost, we are taking another step to create a more accessible streaming experience.”

While the feature is designed with those who are hard of hearing in mind, it can be used by any user to improve their experience and customise it to their preferred dialogue volume preferences. Dialogue Boost uses an AI-based approach to analyse the audio in a movie or series and identifies where dialogue may be difficult to hear above background noise. The speech is then isolated and enhanced to make it clearer for the user.

To access Dialogue Boost head into the audio and subtitles drown-down menu and select either the English Dialogue Boost: Medium” or “Dialogue Boost: High” options. At this stage, the feature is not available for all titles — those which it is available for will display a “Dialogue Boost” option in the Audio Languages section on the details page for the title.

Dialogue Boost is available across all devices that support Prime Video. Keep an eye out for it on the shows you watch on Prime Video with more and more titles being added this year.