Amazon has today launched a large, 15.6-inch new Echo Show designed to be the centre of your home, to organise your life, connect you to the world and keep you entertained. 

Thin enough to be mounted on the wall or just sat on the coffee table it can be used in landscape or portrait mode it is Amazon’s latest addition to the Echo Show family bringing all the usual Echo Show features and functions.  It will deliver a smoother, faster experience than previous Echo Show devices with its new Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor.

The new Echo Show 15 offers a 1080P 15.6-inch display and all the usual camera and microphone features for not just video conferencing but also media consumption.  Watch Netflix, Prime Video and news from various sources all on the Echo Show 15 along with read books, listen to music, the latest audiobook or podcast.

The new widgets gallery allows you to add widgets to your desktop to help keep you and your family organised.  Using the AZ2 Neural Edge processor the Echo Show 15 can recognise you and display information relevant to you such as calendar items and music preferences – handy to help your entire family keep on top of things. Of course, you’ll be able to use the large screen to control your smart home along with see who’s at your door, display recipes with ease.  

Patrick Walker, Country Manager for Amazon Devices, ANZ said: “With the Echo Show 15, managing your smart is easier than ever for Australians.  With a redesigned home screen that acts as a smart home control hub, it brings everything that makes your household tick into one place. You can easily customise your Echo Show 15 experience to display your connected devices, shared household calendar, manage to-do lists and reminders, and even find meal inspiration. Whether it’s on an open plan kitchen wall, or placed on a living room shelf to be shared and accessible across the household, we’re sure this new framed form factor will help bring households together with the benefits of home organisation, smart home control and entertainment in new ways.”

The new Echo Show 15 from Amazon is available for $399 by itself or with a compatible tilt stand in a bundle for $448.95.  Other mount options are sold separately.  For more information head on over to