It’s all about the gadgets at CES, and the connected toothbrush is getting updated with Oral-B announcing three new rechargeable, electric toothbrushes.  

The range includes the premium iO10 as well as the more affordable iO4 and iO5 tooth brushes. Oral-B has been refining the smart capabilities of their brushes for the past few years with the iO10 and iO5 offering smart coaching. 

Starting with the flagship model, the IO10 is built using Oral-B’s iOSense technology which provides real-time feedback on pressure, pace, and placement through the charger. 

The iO Sense charger has six lights built-in to indicate six areas of our mouths that should be targeted, with the lights illuminating red (too hard) or green (just right) to indicate pressure. There’s also a clock with built-in timer to ensure you get your full dentist-recommend 2-minute brush in. 

The IO10 includes seven Smart Brushing Modes including Daily Clean, Sensitive, and Whiten, as well as a tongue cleaning option.

The IO10 will be launched in two colours: Cosmic Black and Stardust White with a matching iO Sense Charger and Charging case for keeping your toothbrush charged on the go.

For a more affordable clean, the iO4 and iO5 also use iO technology with multiple brushing modes to personalise your tooth cleaning. The major difference being that the iO5 can connect to the Oral-B app and provide real-time coverage tracking and coaching, while the iO4 cannot.

Both the iO4 and iO5 include an LED on board to show when the toothbrush needs charging, and also to show a rainbow when you reach 2-minutes of cleaning and will be offered in a range of colours including quite white, matte black, blush pink, icy blue and lavender.

There’s no information on an Aussie release for any of the new brushes as yet, but you can check out the US landing page for the iO10 which is live now.

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