Samsung’s Home Screen and menu options will change dramatically this year with a new look unveiled here at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

To be known as Smart Hub, the “home” button now brings up a full screen display, which keeps your current content playing in a smaller box, then presents a wide range of options around it.

This is a big change from the lower third style menu pop up we’ve seen in recent years from Samsung, and while I’m sure it’s a big leap forward in content discovery, it will be a difficult one for many to adjust to.

No firm word on if this new UI will come to older Samsung TVs but stay tuned for that.

Essentially, around your currently playing TV channel, you’ll see a “streaming service” like Menu with “Continue Watching” content at a click, as well as new top picks and recommendations for you which will be drawn from your viewing history.

You will be able to switch between Media, Ambient and Gaming Mode, and while Media is the obvious set of content to watch, and Ambient looks set to be a new way to launch and discover new ambient display modes – the Gaming mode will be interesting, with gaming recommendations but we’re unsure if they come from your console, are deep links to your console or just a marketing area for gaming content.

Additionally, Smart Hub capable TVs will be able to “watch along” with friends. No clarity yet on compatibility with older TVs or what devices are required, but with people at a distance from each other so much now, It’s a fun welcome feature.

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