The TCL NXTWearG smart glasses sold well in Australia offering a big-screen experience while sitting anywhere you like. In 2022 the new NXTWEAR AIR glasses from TCL will improve on those with a weight reduction and design tweak.

“In developing the NXTWEAR AIR, we primarily focused on two areas of importance to consumers: portability and comfort,” said Stefan Streit, CMO for TCL Communication. “With this new generation of NXTWEAR glasses, users can enjoy the same exceptional viewing experience as before, but with even more portability, a comfortable fit and an individual style design.”

Featuring dual 1080p micro OLED displays, the TCL NXTWEAR AIR offer a 140 inch screen when you are sitting on the lounge, the bus or laying in bed.

They are 30% lighter than the original version, weighing just 75 grams, but critically they now have customisable front lenses, which look so much more like you’re wearing regular sunglasses.

Given the NXTWearG launched in Australia before anywhere in the world, we’d like to hope this new generation will hit our shores sooner rather than later.

Having shown prototypes of what would become the NXTWearG glasses over several years at CES, it makes sense that TCL is also showing their NXTWEAR AR concept glasses, part of their vision for the future of Augmented Reality within your glasses. So cool – but still, a little way off:

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