If you watched just a set of the action at the Australian Open you’ve seen the ads for Kia’s EV6 electric car. Silence the critics they say, and hot damn that’s a fine looking car. But – it’s sold out, for two years. That’s just amazing, but in reality, it wouldn’t put it in the top ten electric cars in Australia.

Kia has sold 500 EV6 vehicles ahead of launch. Those customers will now await their deliveries over the next 12-18 months.

It’s a similar story for Hyundai’s Ioniq 5. Great looking car, sold out in pre-sale.

The REALITY of the Electric car market is not these showroom models selling in such small numbers they probably shouldn’t register a mention but for the hype around electric cars, it’s the huge power Tesla holds in the market.

And you can see that on the roads, there are Model 3’s everywhere. Why? Because last year alone Tesla sold 15054 Model 3’s in 2021.

Now, that number comes from Tesla’s report to the EV council of Australia. There are plenty of questions there, because they are not the same reporting system as other new-car sales in Australia. Registration data from the states apparently puts that number around 3,000 less – indicating Tesla may be reporting on Orders taken, not cars delivered.

I’ll leave that fight to others. But the fact is, the Model 3 smashed anything else out of the market. That’s what I want to look at here.

In 2021, the MG ZS was sold to 1388 Aussies, the Porsche Taycan the third best selling pure EV with 531 sold.

We’re a long long way from EVs being mainstream, despite the vast number of models out there, the problems of high prices, and supply delays are holding back the market.

Australians want electric cars, sure there’s a lot of questions – but there’s a curiosity and demand. What car companies need to do is get supply happening and get prices down.