You know I love my Lego – well when you combine my love for Formula One, Cars and Lego you get a real problem with where I can keep it all, and that’s going to get worse in a month or so when the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance & Mercedes-AMG Project One Speed Champions Lego set launches.

These are the sets that for a single car normally retail for $29 and the dual car sets go for around $79. This two car set looks fantastic.

Intricate details on the W12 Formula One Car include the driver protection halo, front and rear wing end-plates and just so many little details.

Then there’s the AMG Project One. The F1 inspired hypercar looks great in real-life and comes up pretty darn well in Lego too.

It doesn’t matter which team you support, this F1 Lego set will be a must have.

Plus, if you take your time, you might be able to construct any other team using the same bits in other colours? We’re all now looking for our Orange lego pieces.

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